Monday, July 11, 2016

communication issues

                There is another story element that goes hand in hand with noble idiocy. Sadly I do not have a name for this it, but it occurs when the protagonist comes into some information that could damage their relationship with another, or cause harm or do damage to the people around them. Instead of sharing this information with those people they love and making sure everything is done to keep them safe they keep it to themselves and end up doing causing more damage in the end.
                I as a reader can understand why a character would not divulge information that could be harmful without gathering all of the facts, but whey, if you know everything and can actually help those around you by sharing the information whey not say anything. For example if a main character finds that his entire island is going to sink and everybody living on it will die if nothing is done. Why would he not tell anybody? If he decides that it would be better for the well fair of his people to keep this information to himself in the end it does much more harm than good. When the island starts to sink the people living will have no time to escape and drown. However if the protagonist tells his people about the danger as soon as he learns it then even if nothing can be done there is at least a chance that the people will have time to escape before the danger arrives.

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